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Exactly what I've been needing!

I really have struggled trying to navigate my way through being a first-time mom and being in a new country. I've been reading on the app for the past 2 hours since I installed it and I am blown away by the questions that have been unanswered for me for so long, all answered in one app!

By Crystal M
The best app helping you settle down in Canada

It’s simple to use and emphasized on the priorities with detailed information when you land in Canada as a newcomer. You can share it to your friend who has lower level of English understanding since it offers various languages.

By 웡퓌
A must-have app for every newcomer!

Amazing interface and wealth of essential information made my relocation process incredibly smooth. It's not just an app; it's a supportive guide and a friendly companion that ensures your transition to Canada is as positive and seamless as possible.

By Zeba S
Made my move to Canada a lot smoother

Super easy to use and has everything you need in one place. The app helped me figure out where to find important stuff like newcomer organizations, hotlines or resources. I love the compare feature in the app to see where cheaper living or better transit is.at a great app. Very user friendly and helpful. I love all the languages!

By Liza K

Other things to know about Welcome to Canada

Who created Welcome to Canada?
Welcome to Canada is created by PeaceGeeks in partnership with refugees, immigrants, community organizations, technologists, local governments, and settlement service providers. PeaceGeeks, a Vancouver-based non-profit organization, is dedicated to simplifying the immigration journey for Canadian refugees and newcomers through innovative digital tools.
Who uses Welcome to Canada?
Anyone considering, planning, or who has already moved to Canada can benefit from our app. It provides access to trusted resources and personalized recommendations, allowing users to explore and compare different cities and provinces to make informed decisions based on their unique needs.
Is my personal information safe with you?
Yes! Your personal data is secure with us. We never share your personal data with anyone.
Is the app free?
Yes! It’s completely free.
How many languages are available?
Currently, our app is available in 10 languages. We are continuously working on adding new languages, stay tuned!

Alberta: English
British Columbia: English, French, Arabic, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Punjabi, Tagalog, and Ukrainian
Manitoba: English, French, Arabic, Ukrainian
Saskatchewan: English, French
Ontario: English, French
Can I use it without the internet?
Once installed, you can access most of the content without the internet! However, internet is required for features like Compare Canadian Cities and Find Services Near Me.
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