How we work
Tools and mindset to address our challenges
Using technology and peace-building principles we create impact through digital tools that empower refugees and immigrants on their migration journeys.
Our theory of change
At the forefront of our work and values, PeaceGeeks is committed to using technology alongside peace building principles to address the complex challenges of violence, displacement, division and oppression, and build more peaceful societies.

Research has shown that communities that are connected and inclusive are able to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence.

Peaceful communities also depend on strong relationships with their institutions, where the powers entrusted to those institutions are reciprocated by the responsibilities the institutions fulfill on behalf of the whole of society.

As a technology non-profit working for peace, PeaceGeeks creates digital tools that support greater connection, peace and safety for those who have been displaced.
Our theory of change in action
Information for safer journeys
If people who have been displaced can access accurate, up-to-date information from trusted sources all along their journey, and in their own language, then they can make their journey easier and safer.
Increased sense of belonging
If newcomers arrive at their destination and can easily access information about the services available to them, then they will feel an increased sense of belonging.
Peaceful societies
If people feel a sense of belonging, then our social fabric is strengthened, our communities are more cohesive, and our societies are more peaceful.
How we create impact
Through our value of collaboration, we create impact by building digital tools that provide refugees and immigrants with crucial knowledge to take charge of their migration journeys.
Co-designing with our partners (immigrants, refugees and service providers) the digital tools and connections that support greater connection, safety, peace and belonging for people who have been forcibly displaced.
Working with frontline service providers to develop digital tools so that their impact and our common goals are amplified.
Sharing our learnings with policymakers, sector leaders, newcomers and the public to advance systems change.
Our work through the years
The Annual Year in Review is our opportunity to share with you, our incredible donors, partners and volunteer community, what we have accomplished with your support. Here, you can read about our partner projects, our community sponsors, key themes from the past year, and our forward-looking direction for the coming year.
Year in review, 2022-2023
In 2022  we worked on rebranding Arrival Advisor and it became "Welcome to Canada" and expanded to Ontario.
Year in review, 2021
In 2021 we worked on expanding Arrival Advisor to Manitoba and published Settlement 2.0, providing a snapshot of Canada's settlement sector's relationship with the digital world.
Year in review, 2020
2020 was a dynamic and successful year for our organization. Our founder Renee Black decided to step down early this year and we welcomed our new CEO, Jennifer Freeman in the spring of 2020. Jen has created a new 3-year strategic plan, which builds on our organization’s foundation and guides us on a new trajectory.
Year in review, 2019
2019 was PeaceGeeks’ most successful and defining year yet. As we approach 10 years in the peace and technology sector, we are taking the opportunity to reflect on our growth and accomplishments to date and look ahead to the future of the organization.
Year in review, 2018
2018 has been an incredible year for PeaceGeeks. We built our Arrival Advisor app, continued the Meshkat Community program, and more.
Year in review, 2017
2017 has been a breakthrough year for PeaceGeeks, from winning the Impact Challenge Canada, launching Meshkat Community and a new office in Amman.
Year in review, 2016
2016 has been an important year of progress and maturity for PeaceGeeks. We refined our strategic focus on core areas where we are recognized experts.
Year in review, 2015
2015 was an exciting year of maturity and growth for us. We worked on 14 projects primarily in East Africa and the Middle East and hosted 6 PeaceTalks.
Year in review, 2014
Our third year has been one of exciting expansion. We've completed projects with 22 partners and are proud to have new, cutting edge technology partners coming on board.
Year in review, 2013
In 2013, we consolidated our position as a fast-growing organization in the digital peace space with talks, hackathons, events, the development of Amani and many completed projects.