Ladi Onasanya
Product Manager
Ladi enjoys connecting with users to understand and help simplify their product experience.

Ladi is a Product Manager on a mission to make the immigration experience smoother for newcomers to Canada through the Welcome to Canada app by PeaceGeeks. Having personally embarked on the journey of relocating to Canada as an immigrant, he understands the unique challenges and opportunities that this transition brings. This experience has led to his commitment to creating a user-friendly, informative and supportive platform for fellow newcomers.

With a background in technology and a heart for social impact, he is motivated in ensuring newcomers have access to essential resources and reliable information, all in one place.

Ladi's migration journey was a profound experience, filled with excitement and uncertainty. From navigating the immigration paperwork to adapting to a new culture, he has faced the same hurdles that many newcomers encounter. However, he also discovered the resilience and strength within immigrant communities. These experiences shape his approach to product management, ensuring that the Welcome to Canada app is a supportive companion for those beginning their Canadian journey.