Kimiya Missaghi
Continuous Discovery Lead
Kimiya finds fulfillment in conducting research to create innovative and practical tools that empower newcomers.

Kimiya is the Research Lead at PeaceGeeks, where her focus centres on spearheading the development of a national digital mentorship platform for employment among newcomers. Concurrently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Ottawa's Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies, investigating the factors influencing resiliency among Afghan refugees through a gender-based lens. Kimiya also serves as a board member at the Victoria Women's Transition House Society, working to ensure inclusivity for women fleeing gender-based violence with precarious legal status. Beyond her professional engagements, she enjoys accompanying her pup on outdoor escapades, and perfecting the art of crafting specialty coffee.

Migration Journey

Kimiya's family embarked on a migration journey from Iran, fleeing persecution as religious minorities. The experience of statelessness that her sibling encountered served as a catalyst for her engagement in advocating not only for stateless individuals but also for newcomers with a range of backgrounds and experiences. Born in the US and having lived in Canada, Czechia, India, and Spain, Kimiya possesses a nuanced understanding of the intricate implications of migration. This personal link fortifies her acute awareness of the critical role that accessibility plays in resettlement and in shaping the paths of families from various origins and life stories.