Karyna Bilenko
Executive Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator
Karyna provides efficient support by ensuring a smooth workflow within the organization.

Meet Karyna, our dedicated Executive Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator. With a robust background that began as an Account Coordinator in the Business Travel industry, Karyna seamlessly transitioned into the Telecommunication sector in 2019. Her journey is characterized by a commitment to excellence and a passion for fostering positive working environments.

In her role as Executive Assistant, Karyna plays a pivotal role in supporting our CEO and the entire team. Her responsibilities extend to coordinating volunteers and ensuring the smooth workflow within the organization. With a keen eye for detail and a positive attitude, Karyna is instrumental in enhancing efficiency and maintaining a harmonious work atmosphere.

Karyna brings a wealth of experience in managing administrative tasks, coupled with a dynamic approach to volunteer coordination. Her ability to balance the demands of supporting leadership while facilitating volunteer engagement underscores her versatile skill set. With Karyna at the helm, our organization benefits from her proactive approach and unwavering dedication to the team's success.

Migration Journey

Forced to leave her home in Ukraine due to the impact of war, she embarked on a new chapter, seeking safety and opportunities. In 2022, Canada became her's new home, and it was here that she found a welcoming community and a fresh start. Joining PeaceGeeks in November 2023 marked not just a career move but a significant step towards contributing to a cause aligned with her values. Her journey is a testament to the strength that emerges from challenging circumstances and the transformative power of embracing a new beginning.