Juan Correa
Lead Designer
As a Product Designer Juan's job is to understand how humans, computers & systems interact with each other. By doing so, I can translate it to meaningful insights & desirable experiences for humans

Juan serves as the Design Lead at PeaceGeeks. This key role places him at the forefront of developing our visual and creative essence and designing our digital solutions and interfaces. He is the creative brain behind integrating User Experience Research and Visual Design for PeaceGeeks.

With his bachelor's degree in industrial design from ICESI University, Juan can translate those continuous conversations with users into valuable, usable digital tools to support them. Juan is a very passionate designer that constantly navigates deep into the intricacies of the interaction between humans and the world they experience.

Before arriving at PeaceGeeks, Juan supported Anheuser-Busch InBev LATAM, one of the biggest breweries in the world, as part of the core digital transformation team. His work focused on designing a Hyper-local economy-based platform connecting neighborhoods across Colombia by solidifying the historical relationships between small shop owners and their clients. Juan has also helped organizations like Walmart and Morningstar design some of their internal and external digital product experiences.

Migration Journey

From a young age, Juan had the chance to explore a little around the world. Ever since he visited Canada in 2013, he fell in love with the diversity and opportunities in the country. He arrived in Canada in 2021 to study for an MBA, explore new horizons, and live new experiences offered by new paths and places.