Diego Franco
Product Designer
Diego uses a design state of mind to help with problem solving

Designer by passion, full time learner.

Diego loves the unique feeling of creation. Whether it's working with painting, brick blocks, clay, or pixels, bringing ideas to life brings life to him. Diego gives visual creativity and consistency to the products he works on without leaving product strategy behind. He seeks to transform organizational goals, people insights and technology possibilities in digital experiences.

He has been working designing a broad range of different digital products, SaaS, e-commerce, B2B, and B2C products. Now he is focused on designing the Welcome to Canada app to support other immigrants in their journeys.

Migration Journey

Diego was born and grew in Colombia. Since he was a child, he heard a lot of things about how amazing Canada could be. Curiosity persisted until he was able to move his whole life to Ontario. Looking for (and fortunately finding) a safe place to live in peace and with a strong sense of community. Although his community has hundreds of challenges, it's full of people working every day for the common good.