Bijan Pourkarimi
Board Director
Bijan has a keen interest in community involvement and supporting future generations. He is a director on the board of a number of non-profits and economic development corporations

Bijan is an Energy and Sustainability Executive with over 35 years of business and management experience in small, medium, and large businesses in a wide range of areas including governance and oversight, strategic planning, business development and planning, regulatory, financial analysis, technology, operations, and customer service. He is the founder and president of Energitix Management & Consulting Corporation, an energy management and sustainability consulting company. He also co-founded an international energy consulting company and grew the business from a start-up to an international consulting company focused on emerging markets by partnering with a large international company to expand the company’s international reach and financial strength. He has worked on international projects in 9 countries.

Bijan is the vice-chair of the Greater Vancouver Community Services Society, a non-profit society that has been delivering care and services in Greater Vancouver and a member of the Environmental Appeal Board.