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PeaceGeeks in Nairobi

PeaceGeeks will be attending international conferences in November in Nairobi, Kenya.

We will be sending our very own geek, Johanna Khisa who is a member of the PeaceGeeks Board of Directors. Johanna is a technology management consultant with over 15 years of international experience and is inspired by technology because of the possibilities it allows us to create. She will be bringing her passion in technology and peace by representing PeaceGeeks at the two events in Nairobi, Kenya. Johanna will be attending in Nairobi is the International Conference of Crisis Mappers in Nairobi and the annual summit hosted by Digital Humanitarian Network.

The International Conference of Crisis Mappers

PeaceGeeks has been invited to give a talk at the International Conference of Crisis Mappers. The conference is a leading humanitarian technology event of the year. It connects humanitarian, human rights, media organizations with top technology companies and software developers and academics. Many innovations and best practices in the developing field of Crisis Mapping have emerged from these conferences and this facilitates the advancements and partnerships in this field. This conference has had media coverage from some of the most prominent media outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, The Economist, and CBC News.

The theme for this year’s ICCM is “Humanitarian Technology Innovation In and Out of Africa”. Topics such as regional crisis mapping and early warning projects, grassroots, people centered mapping and development; communicating with disaster affected communities, crowdsourcing crisis information, social computing and information forensics will be explored.

The second event that Johanna will be attending is an annual summit hosted by Digital Humanitarian Network. The Digital Humanitarian Network is a “network of networks” to form an association between Volunteer and Technical Communities and to provide a platform for formal, professional humanitarian organizations to interact. Participants in this conference will be examining current humanitarian challenges in relation to technology, digital response, crisis management, and ways in which we can create solutions to those challenges using adaptable, agile methods and tools.

We look forward to Johanna's return so she can share her amazing experiences with us! The knowledge gained from these two events will definitely be an excellent resource for PeaceGeeks.

For more information about Crisis Mappers please checkout:

For more information about Digital Humanitarians please checkout:

Nov 4, 2013

Project Amani Updates

As you may have heard or read about in the last newsletter, Amani is a new platform being built by PeaceGeeks to help with efficiency Of delivering services to our partners. Amani is an open source platform that utilizes mapping technologies to support work and decrease time to create a website.

The features of Amani include:

  • Improved online presence and increased control over site through user friendly interface
  • Mapping tools that can record incidents and talk about issues
  • Creating sites that work on multiple devices (computers, phones, tablets)and can be read esily with mulitiple languages
  • Functionality and design layouts frequently used by NGOs
  • Links to social media icons as well as twitter and Facebook feeds
  • A tool to collect data and Google analytics to help understand how visitors engage wit the website
  • Crisis mapping and content management capabilities.

After receiving feedback of our early adopters we improved our Amani platform by:

Providing an Amani Admin Role capable of doing some administrative tasks such as:

  • Managing the different component’s color & font,
  • Editing the Website Feedback page,
  • Managing pick lists for the different content types, &
  • Managing Google Analytics.
  • Improving site real estate by reducing the gap between the titles and bodies of content
  • Improving the Logo size by moving the tag line from below the logo to the right of the logo
  • Adding the RedHen CRM functionality

We look forward to being able to support our partners more effectively with the improved Amani!

Nov 4, 2013
Category: Project Profile

Peace Geeks Vancouver Launch & Peace Art Exhibit

Guest Speaker:
Oct 23, 2012
5 to 8 pm
W2 Media Cafe

Please join us on Oct 23rd from 5-8pm at the W2 Media Cafe for the Peace Geeks launch & Peace Art exhibit! Find out more about what we do, who we help and how to you can get involved.

The event will showcase examples of art and technology being used to promote peace, accountability and human rights. Feature speakers include; Reena Lazar (Peace it Together), Kate Kilberry (University of Toronto) and Jodie Martinson (Film maker & Journalist), the music of Michael Dewey, Return of the Stern, Negar & Pourya (Persian folk music) and Chelsea Johnson. Angelo Moroni will also perform a silent theatre piece. The art exhibit will feature contributions from Shamsi Ashti, Anja Braun, Eva Breternitz, Ron Laufer, Jose Mazam, Yazaman Norouzi, Angeli Rawat, Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda and Kelly Van Unen.

If you have any questions, please email

The event is free but space is limited, please register at EventBrite

Oct 2, 2012
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Time 2:
5 PM

PeaceGeeks 101 May 22

Guest Speaker:
May 22, 2012
6:30 to 8:30 pm
W2 Media Cafe

Come join Peace Geeks on May 22nd at the W2 Media Cafe (111 W Hastings, Woodwards Building) in Gastown from 6.30 - 8.30 pm to learn more about what we do, who we help and how we work! You will have a chance to connect with our amazing volunteers, learn about our projects and find out how you can get involved as a volunteer or sponsor!

Also come ready to share your great ideas for a chance to win a 2-day getaway to Harrison Hot Springs this June and/ or participate in our Tweeting Challenge!

Sign up on our Facebook Event Page or at EventBrite at


May 1, 2012
Category: Public Speaking
Time 2:
6 PM


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