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Settlement 3.0

How might we best leverage technology and innovation to facilitate settlement outcomes for newcomers?

PeaceGeeks received funding from IRCC to develop a vision and action plan for exploring how technology and innovation can best facilitate settlement outcomes for supporting newcomers. 


Settlement 3.0 serves as an expansion of Settlement 2.0, which focused on the pre-conditions necessary so that change can happen.


Made possible with additional funding from IRCC, Settlement 3.0’s recommendations are both timely and urgent. The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to innovate in new ways—including through technology and novel approaches in order to continue delivering services. 


Expanding the dialogue to better reflect Canada’s geographic, cultural, and linguistic diversity has the potential to promote a whole-of-society approach to supporting newcomers in their settlement journey from pre-arrival to full and meaningful integration.


Together, Settlement 2.0 and 3.0 provide a strategy for a brighter future for the sector that prioritizes empowering newcomers to be agents in their own settlement journey and offers actionable steps to build the overall capacity of the sector to embrace innovation towards more successfully and sustainably supporting newcomers over time.

Settlement 3.0 Reports and Resources

Settlement 3.0: Innovation is in our DNA (Full Report)

Learning from the factors created by the COVID-19 pandemic and settlement experiences across regions, Settlement 3.0 explored how innovation and tech can best support newcomers in their settlement journey from pre-arrival to full and meaningful integration.

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The executive summary presents Settlement 3.0’s high-level recommendations, ranked in priority by the sector, and organized in a “Now, Next, Then” framework for actionable implementation, starting now.

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Settlement 2.0 Reports and Resources

Settlement 2.0: Innovation is in our DNA (Full Report)

The Settlement 2.0 Project strives to understand how the settlement sector can embrace tech and innovation in service delivery and strategic principles. Take a look at PeaceGeeks’ final recommendations.

Settlement 2.0: Innovation is in our DNA (Summary)

As the immigrant and refugee-serving sector has gone #suddenlyremote during COVID-19, take a look at our Settlement 2.0 conversation starter on innovation and design to ensure positive newcomer settlement outcomes.

Settlement 2.0: Community Consultations Report

This report outlines the second phase of the Settlement 2.0 project, undertaken in partnership between SFU Public Square and PeaceGeeks Society.

situational analysis lead image
Settlement 2.0: Situational Analysis

This report provides a snapshot of the current state of the technological and innovative capacities of the immigrant and refugee-serving sector in Canada.