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Rural Women Peace Link

Crisis Overview

Kenya’s Rift Valley has been in conflict since the early 1960s. Situated in the North of Kenya, the agrarian region is populated by pastoralist and nomadic peoples. It stems from President Kenyatta’s redistribution of British lands in the area to the Kikuyu, his own native tribe, though the area is ethnically diverse. Bitter ethnic tension persists to this day, stemming from land claims and unequal access to resources. During violent ethnic clashes in January 2008, 220 people were killed and almost 170,000 forced to flee. In one particularly brutal incidence, a church was burned with 30 people inside, mostly children.

What They Do

Rural Women Peace Link is a network of grassroots, non-governmental women’s organization which seeks peaceful negotiation of conflict in Kenya’s Rift Valley, as well as parts of Western and Nyanza provinces. RWPL believe that the exclusion of women from decision making powers within the community leads to their extreme vulnerability in conflict situations. They therefore endeavor to empower women by promoting female participation in peacebuilding processes, by lobbying the government to recognize women’s rights as enshrined in the constitution, and by lobbying for a greater share of resources to be directed towards women’s needs, such as maternal and reproductive health.

Our Impact

PeaceGeeks successfully launched RWPL’s new website in 2014, featuring 160 pages of content. The organization reports that their website now receives steady traffic. It has helped strengthen their connections to partners and donors. And it has enabled them to broaden public awareness of their cause. The new website has also allowed RWPL to shed light on the plight of their rural partners, who are generally otherwise invisible to the international community.

The new website clearly outlines the work we do, how we do it, who we are and whom we do it with. This will go a long way for sustainability as RWPL does not have to source for external persons to do this work. The PeaceGeeks team took RWPL staff through the whole process. Thank you to the PeaceGeeks team your assistance has gone a long way!

Rhoda Litoroh, Executive Director
Deliverables Summary
  • Website deployment
  • Hosting
  • Training on website maintenance and design

PeaceGeeks Contributors

Renee Black - Project Manager - Chieh Tang - Content Migrator - Ron Boaz - Trainer

Rural Women Peace Link Contributors

Rhoda Litoroh - Executive Director - Daniel Wereh - Program Officer