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National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders - Kenya

Crisis Overview

In recent years the work of human rights organizations in Kenya has become simultaneously more necessary, and more threatening for those involved. Some of these threats are posed as a governmental risk of persecution or delisting of human rights organizations. Other threats are advanced from citizens, businesses, and individual politicians as a result of opposing opinions on issues of focus for human rights defenders (HRDs). Gender-discrimination, homophobia, and islamophobia, create inherent barriers to the work of HRDs. Patriarchy and intolerance facilitates acceptance of retrogressive cultural practices like female genital mutilation, early marriage, and widow inheritance. The vilification of HRDs has resulted in an increase in extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances and other human rights violations, with journalists, refugees, aid workers, with HRDs being among those most targeted.

What They Do

The National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders - Kenya (NCHRD-K) is a national organization that aims to strengthen the capacity of human rights defenders (HRDs) to work effectively in the country and to reduce their vulnerability to the risk of persecution, including by advocating for a favourable legal and policy environment in Kenya. Established in 2007, NCHRD-K is the only national organisation that works primarily for the protection of HRDs, representing over 1000 human rights organizations around the country. NCHRD-K provides legal, medical, psychological, relocation and security support to ensure their safety. NCHRD-K also supports HRDs through capacity building programmes such as training on monitoring, documenting and reporting on human rights violations.

Our Impact

PeaceGeeks supported NCHRD by strengthening their processes to electronically document violations against Kenyan human rights defenders. These interventions will improve efficiency, information security and accessibility for reporting. Building NCHRD-K’s digital security capacities was also of our utmost concern as this project focused on the handling of very sensitive information. We developed a secure online database for capturing all critical information related to human rights incidents. We provided them guidance on data cleaning practices in order to ensure quality of data. We conducted a digital security assessment with the NCHRD team to ensure a safe chain of custody of information was maintained. We continue to work with NCHRD-K to strengthen their ability to produce useful reporting from the data collected.

Deliverables Summary

Mobile app to document human rights violations, System to report on human rights violations.

PeaceGeeks Contributors

  • Renee Black, Executive Director and Founder
  • Magdi Rizkallah, Technology Projects Director
  • Kris Constable, Digital Security Expert

National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders - Kenya Contributors

  • Kamau Ngugi, Executive Director
  • Salome Nduta, Protection Officer
  • Gloria Madegwa, Case Officer