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Young Women Entrepreneurs Kenya

Bruno Winston Owiti is my name. I am a certified Public Accountant in Kenya, and one of the Programs Manager at Young Women Entrepreneurs Kenya (YWEK) where I have worked since its inception in 2009. YWEK is a non-profit organization that engages young Kenyan women, their dependants and social networks to address various socio-economic, political and health issues affecting the society. Such issues include, TB, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Enterprise development, gender-based violence, leadership and governance. YWEK accomplishes this through conducting training, outreach, focused group discussions, informative and interactive forums, consultancy and research, table banking, small business formation and management, formal group formation and management.

Communication is essential in every sector of our lives. If you cannot communicate well what you do and have achieved overtime is like a blind person trying to figure out where he or she is. As YWEK since inception in 2009 to date, we have been grappling with how we could amplify the voices of the young mothers and youth headed households we serve. Getting more people to be in touch with what we do has been the major challenge. Laura Lee May, researcher from University of British Columbia introduced us to PeaceGeeks, who offered to help us overcome our twin challenge of amplifying the voices of the young women and youth headed household by undertaking to do several crucial things to help us become visible.

PeaceGeeks has helped us with the basic needs of every organization - creating a logo and brand to give It a professional look, developing letterhead and business cards, creating new email accounts and creating a website. Now, it is very easy for me to represent the organization since I can easily share my contacts with people via business cards and also write correspondence to other organizations without fear of being ridiculed or YWEK documents being tossed aside.

The most crucial thing PeaceGeeks has done is to help us develop a website for Young women Entrepreneurs Kenya. Soon everybody will know about YWEK. I ask myself what more can I ask for? Thanks to PeaceGeeks, we will not need an expert to update the contents of the web as they have made it easy by training me on how to update and upload content onto the web. I have since trained other key staff in YWEK on how its done.

Thanks for providing YWEK with the Website, renewing our domain, designing our business cards, logo and letterhead, designing our site, and providing training and professional advice on project impact communication. This would have cost us more than US Dollar 2000, which YWEK does not have.

Thanks most especially Renee and Lan for your efforts daily to put us on the global map.

By Bruno Owiti

Jul 9, 2014
Category: Testimonial