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Collecting Statistics to Combat Gender Based Violence in Kenya

PeaceGeeks is working in conjunction with the incredible efforts of our local Vancouver volunteers to establish an innovative statistics-collections app for Kenyan NGO Nakuru Gender Based Violence Network (Nakuru GBV Network). With a focus on empowering grassroots organizations that help victims of sexual and gender-based violence, the Network works to reduce the level of violence in Nakuru County through community sensitization, educational campaigns, and fostering connections for others committed to ending such atrocities.

PeaceGeeks has previously worked with the Nakuru GBV Network by developing their website last January, giving them the platform to fully utilize their efforts and provide their local communities with the skillset and knowledge necessary to develop self-reliance and sustainability.

In addition to working relentlessly on the individual level to empower and support survivors in the community, the Nakuru GBV Network also aims to make substantial changes on the grand scale to reduce the level of gender-based violence that has seen a recent increased.

One major hurdle on the path to improving conditions however, is the severe lack of critical information and accurate data surrounding the current state of affairs with regards to gender-based violence in Kenya. PeaceGeeks is currently supporting Nakuru GBV Network to overcome this impediment through an innovative app that uses SMS to collect disaggregated statistics in rural areas. This technological innovation will give the Nakuru GBV Network a more accurate picture of what citizens are truly enduring in areas of Nakuru that potentially may not receive the attention needed from the government. Such developments mean an increase in awareness for the Network, and in turn for the greater community at large, strengthening an already leading Network’s available scope of influence.

Oct 16, 2015