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  1. COVID Blog #15: (Remote) Programming Resources for Canadian Nonprofit and Community-based Organizations during COVID Canadian nonprofit and community-based organizations (NGOs, CBOs) are facing uncertain futures in this era of COVID-19. Already the social... Sep 11, 2020 0
  2. COVID Blog #14: There’s An App For That– Contact Tracing COVID-19 in Canada Digital contact tracing is swiftly becoming a hopeful solution in containing the spread of COVID-19 in Canada. However, it is also a topic... Aug 15, 2020 0
  3. COVID Blog #13: How BC and Canada are Supporting Mental Wellness Using Technology The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest health crises the world has ever faced. Not only is the virus affecting millions around the... Jul 24, 2020 0
  4. COVID Blog #12: How tech is essential to finding a cure and treatment for COVID-19 As countries around the world struggle to flatten the curve of COVID-19, the push to find a treatment is moving rapidly. Several Canadian... Jul 15, 2020 0
  5. COVID Blog #11: COVID-19 Propels Adoption of Contactless Technology The pandemic has altered the acceptance of technology in our lives. Living through social isolation, many had little choice but to pivot... Jul 7, 2020 0
  6. COVID Blog #10: How Can Technology Help BC Health Workers on The Frontlines? As life almost returns to normal for us living in British Columbia, we must not forget our health-care workers. The spread of COVID-19 has... Jun 28, 2020 0
  7. COVID Blog #9: How To Protect Your Child Online During the Pandemic (And Beyond) The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented time for everyone, but especially children. In an instant, their entire lives were adapted... Jun 19, 2020 0
  8. COVID Blog #8: How the pandemic is affecting the path to immigration and Canadian citizenship Immigrating to a new country is already a daunting and scary prospect on its own. Imagine having to immigrate or navigate a citizenship... Jun 3, 2020 0
  9. Why we need to focus on what immigrants bring to Canada By PeaceGeeks Anti-immigrant sentiment is on the rise in... Jun 1, 2020 0
  10. The Canadian settlement sector needs a refreshed funding model By PeaceGeeks Too often, mothers new to Canada struggle to find work because childcare is too expensive. With a little one at home, basic... May 27, 2020 0