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PeaceGeeks in the Media

Vancouver PeaceGeeks refugee app awarded $750,000 by Google (Mar 31, 2017)

PeaceGeeks on CBC Vancouver News Live (starts at 20:40) (Mar 30, 2017)

Vancouver non-profit app developers win $750K prize from Google (CBC News, Mar 30, 2017)

Technology helping newcomers in Metro Vancouver (New Canadian Media, Mar 26, 2017)

Vancouver's PeaceGeeks in running for Google prize with refugee app (Global News, Mar 24, 2017)

PeaceGeeks among top 10 finalists for Google Canada Impact Challenge (Vancouver Observer, Mar 23, 2017)

Une application vancouvéroise pour aider les réfugiés à s’installer au Canada (ICI Radio-Canada, Mar 21, 2017)

Vancouver app aims to connect refugees with needed services (CBC News, Mar 20, 2017)

Vancouver app aims to connect refugees and immigrants with resettlement services (Metro News, Mar 20, 2017)

Google gives grants to 'Geeks' using tech to help refugees in Vancouver (Business in Vancouver, Mar 7, 2017)

UN launching new app for Syrian refugees developed in Vancouver (Daily Hive Vancouver, Oct 6, 2016)

PeaceGeeks in Vancouver hold hackathon to develop refugee apps (Global TV News, Nov 28, 2015)

Local tech developer build app for Syrian refugees (CKNW Radio, Nov 28, 2015)

Early Edition with Rick Cluff (CBC Radio 1, Nov 27, 2015)

La technologie au services des refugies (Radio Canada, Nov 27, 2015)

Syrian refugees get Peace Geeks app to track services in camps (CBC News Online, Nov 26, 2015)

Les enfants de Ushahidi: endiquer la violence en periode electorale au Nigeria (Le Monde, Nov 19, 2015)

Vancouver group creates app to help refugees find services (Co-op Radio, Nov 18, 2015)

Spotlight on PeaceGeeks (The Centre for Innovation Justice & Technology, Nov 15, 2015)

Les enfants de Ushahidi: une carte pour recenser les violences civils au Burundi (Le Monde, Nov 10, 2015)

Media Hype and Refugee Crisis (CKNW, Nov 8, 2015)

Syrian Refugees Get Peace Geeks App to Track Services in Camps (CBC, Nov 27, 2015)

Local Tech Developer Builds App of Syrian Refugees (CKNW, Nov 28, 2015)

'PeaceGeeks' in Vancouver Hold Hackathon in Vancouver to Develop Refugee App (Global News, Nov 29, 2015)